North Terminal Development Shell Upgrades

Location: Miami International Airport
Size: 60,000 SF
Services: Construction Management
Owner: Parsons Odebrecht Joint Venture
Architect: Bermello Ajamil & Partners, Inc.

With MIA’s multiple functions, heavy traffic flow, and stringent 24/7 security and liability requirements, Thornton is one of the few contractors qualified to work there. Thornton’s work at MIA under the umbrella of the North Terminal Development Program involved renovations, infrastructure upgrades, and interior finishes throughout Concourses B, C and D as well as structural reinforcement of the five-story shell of Concourse D. The project included Terminal D’s 7,000 SF rotunda which involved decorative terrazzo finished to the utmost quality standards.

For the B-C building infill, Thornton constructed a curtain wall system. Concessions and open circulation spaces were upgraded. Circulation corridors connecting different sections and gates were constructed. Existing offices and ticket counters were redesigned and upgraded. New restrooms were constructed on the ramp level along with new offices and a break room. Utilities were upgraded and retrofitted to serve the increased demand on water, fuel, sewer, fire protection and drainage systems. As part of the B-C building infill, Thornton installed louvers, doors and windows, and applied fire protection to structural steel beams. Additionally, Thornton constructed a 60,000 SF maintenance facility with offices, storage, and machine shop for the people mover (train).

Through this project, Thornton proved highly capable of completing renovations amidst a heavily occupied environment where safety, security, and minimization of disruption were paramount to the success of the project.