LPI Office Building (currently Millennia Atlantic University)

Location: Doral, FL
Size: 40,250 SF
Services: General Contractor
Owner: LPI Realty (currently Millennia Atlantic University)
Architect: ACAI Associates, Inc.

This project was a ground-up construction of a 40,250 SF, four-story office building on a 0.58 acre site. Construction involved full site development including foundation system; civil and electrical systems; and paving infrastructure and landscaping for a 65-vehicle parking lot. Site development was especially challenging because the existing soil was so poor, deep excavation had to be performed to seat the foundation. New soil was imported and then vibro compacted in layers to achieve proper density. The foundation system of the 70-foot tall building consisted of pilings, pile caps, and deep and spread footings. Although the original owner has now dissolved, the building is now being used successfully by Millennia Atlantic University.